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    for Third Culture Talent


    At TCKapital, our mission is to elevate global talent by

    • Identifying, unlocking and leveraging the unique competencies of Third culture talent
    • Advising global leaders on how to successfully navigate complex career transitions
    • Envisioning transformative career plans by aligning professional goals with life balance and personal fulfillment. 



  • at TCKapital we


    Unlock + Advise + Promote


    Global Talent & Third Culture Competencies



    TCKapital acts as a lifetime global career advisory to our clients by:

    • Identifying their Third Culture distinctive DNA and unique competencies to unlock their professional growth potential 
    • Providing them with strategic tools to successfully navigate key lifetime career transitions 
    • Building a meaningful career plan by aligning their professional goals with personal fulfillment 
    • Providing them with access to global career opportunities through our proprietary network and partnerships
    • Facilitating access to global mobility resources and pertinent market intelligence 

    Marielle de Spa

    TCKapital Founder & Principal Advisor

    Marielle de Spa is an entrepreneurial Adult TCK with a professional expertise in Global talent management and Leadership consulting.


    Her previous track record in executive search combined to multiple international transitions with her Third Culture family have provided her with comprehensive knowledge of expatriate life and career advancement complexities. Both paths have naturally lead her to create TCKapital to advise global leaders through multi-stage career transitions.


    Marielle has lived and worked in various countries across the Americas and Europe.


    She currently lives in Rio de Janeiro where she has recently co-founded the first Families in Global Transition affiliate in Brazil. She is also the founder and thought leader of the Third Culture Family connections blog and Facebook group







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  • Client experience

    Françoise Lavertu Stevens

    Country Director and GM, Tesla


    Marielle has had a huge impact on my career and performance. She invests and focuses on what is core to us or should be as professionals: self awareness about our skills, and internal drivers. She has helped me be more centered and empowered me in my current role. I now feel like I drive my own professional development instead of leaving it in the hands of others and I look at my choices wisely. She is an expert at “third culture” profiles who do not fit into typical company molds and helps you shape roles that add value to both parties in an everchanging competitive environment. I highly recommend her to any high level executive.

    John Reuter

    CEO, Brightwork Capital Partners & Advisory LLC


    Marielle is an exceptional career consultant. I have worked with her on multiple occasions and found her insight and counsel to be superior in all aspects of managing one's career.

    From identifying new opportunities to evaluating options to negotiating compensation and benefits internationally, her experience and ability are unrivaled.

    Julia Mandl

    Executive Search Consultant & Freelance Entrepreneur


    I was very satisfied with the input and advice I got from my adviser. As it happens, she had been a partner in a renowned Executive Search firm and performed a similar role to mine for several years. So she understood my goals.

    The most valuable thing is she gives me support on how to negotiate with my clients, brush up my LinkedIn profile, and how to make a business plan, as I want to become a full consultant when I return to my country.

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